Takeaway Shops

Sell food online

Do you own a takeaway and would like to sell online?

It doesn't have to hard to open your own online shop. You don't have to share your revenue with your provider.
It is possible just pay a simple low monthly service charge with no hidden fees.

And with the Newpurple store you can do just that. Not only that, it's simple to use, configurable and works on all devices. So what's stopping you?

  • done Instant Set-up
  • done No contracts
  • done No revenue share
  • done Unlimited products with unlimited options
  • done Offer Pickup or Delivery
  • done Offer Stripe, Paypal, Bank transfer or cash checkout payments
  • done Guest & members checkout (members can save details)
  • done Sell on mobile, tablet and desktop

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Sales Page features:

The sales page is simple to use, touch friendly and will work on mobile, tablet and PC. It will resize as needed with certain features enabling and disabling on different page sizes.

On PC or tablets in landscape orientation it will show a section menu to the left, products in the middle and a basket to the right. On mobiles the menu & basket are hidden and the center sections close only showing their heading text. Clicking on any one of these headings will open the section to reveal the products. On mobile once a product has been added to the cart a checkout button will show at the bottom of the page.

On all devices clicking on a product will open a product overlay showing the product name, an image, product options and the add to cart button. Once a product has been added the overlay will auto close.

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View our templates & get started building your site

directions View Templates

View our templates & get started building your site

Checkout features:

Guests and members can both use the checkout with the added benefit for members that they can save their address details which will improve their checkout speed. The billing address can also be copied to the shipping address by a button click which also makes using the checkout easier

For local shipping options the postcode for the shipping address is used. If the postcode is within a distance set by the store owner the shipping method will become available (UK only). Actual shipping prices can set as a set price, by weight or by product total. Pick-up can also be set.

Coupons can be added a checkout if enabled by the store owner. Coupons can be stackable and can include adding FREE shipping.

Notes can also be added to the purchase so if a buyer wishes to communicate a prefference it can be done here.

And lastly there a multiple payment options including Paypal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, and Cash on delivery/pickup. The Bank transfer and Cash options can have text added to their payment boxes.

In 10 minutes create a Fully working takaway shop ready to add products.

Get a FREE 14 day trial & then it's only £10.00 per month there after.
There aren't any contracts or obligations to continue.

All sites get a FREE YourName.newpurple.com sub-domain and clients can add a FULL DOMAIN NAME anytime.

Getting started: Pick a template, pick a sub-domain, click build & in 2 minutes the site will be ready.

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