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  • keyboard_arrow_rightManually import postage
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It's easy to use AutoStock

Autostock is our product importer. It will import products, product categories, and shipping prices from your chosen Dropshipper into your Newpurple shop. Better still once set-up it does this every night without any further action needed from you.

Setting it up is easy, simply choose your supplier, choose the product categories to import, choose a price markup from your buying price and click save. After that the site does the import each and every night for you.

Choose Supplier
  • done Choose any supplier
  • done Change anytime
  • done Can import from 1 supplier at a time

When changing supplier any products imported from the old supplier will be removed.

Choose Categories
  • done Choose all categories
  • done Choose specific categories

When choosing a category with sub-categories, the sub-categories will automatically be selected

Any sub-categories can be de-selected

If choosing just sub-categories, these will be imported as a top level category

If a previously imported category is un-selected it's products will be removed

Markup Prices
  • done Add price markups to products
  • done Markups are a percentage value
  • done Markups based on imported price range

Base product prices are what the supplier sells their products for. The Price Markup page allows you to add any charges you might incur (such as VAT) plus add a profit margin onto the imported prices automatically.

These markups are done by adding a percentage value onto the base prices. You may add up to 5 different markups based upon a products price range.

  • done Import products anytime
  • done Import Postage anytime
  • done Product are also auto imported overnight

Postage options are set to match a suppliers. The prices are marked over the supplier sites to include Paypal fees and if needed VAT. The aim is to try to make the prices as neutral as possible

Postage options and values are fully editable any time via the store postage page

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