Q: I already own a domain name. Can I use this?
A: Most NewPurple packages allow for a domain name to be added and used with the site.

Q: Can you supply a domain name?
A: Included with all sites is a FREE NewPurple.com sub-domain. Most NewPurple packages also allow for a top level (.com etc.) domain name to be added and used with the site. These can be purchased anywhere and simply have to be pointed to our service.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?
A: Customers receive a 14 day Free Trial. There is no obligation to continue the service after this trial period ends.

Q: Is there a contract?
A: No. There is no contract and so no obligation to renew. Sites that aren't renewed are simply removed after a grace period

Q: Is this site international?
A: The site will be view-able worldwide.

Q: Is the site multi language?
A: Currently the site is in English only.

Q: Do you offer support?
A: Yes. Full email product support is provided.

Q: Do I own the website?
A: Clients lease their website for set periods at a time so there are no additional costs other than whats listed. As long as the client keeps up the payments each payment period the site remains live and will have full access to the site management area.

Q: Can I make copies of this website? ?
A: No.

Q: Can I download the site and host it elsewhere?
A: No.

Q: Can I make modifications to the template?
A: Yes. Content boxes created by the user can be placed mostly anywhere within the site creating fresh individual looks. Clients also have access to the header and footer template files as-well as the CSS stylesheet.

Q: Can you make me a custom template?
A: Yes. Please contact us and we will price it up for you. Any custom templates will be fully owned by you.