How to add a full domain to your site

Most account packages allow a full domain name to be used with the site as-well as the sub-domain that comes as standard. To add a domain first you must register a domain with a registrar and then point it to our hosting.

To point the domain to the hosting please set its name servers to:


Its recommended after setting the name servers to give 24hrs before adding the domain to the site.
The site will check to see if the domain is pointing to our hosting and will only allow it to be added once it is.

To add the domain to the site

  1. Visit your site control panel. If you aren't sure how to do that please visit this post
  2. Next click on "configuration" in the top menu and then "config" in the top menu
  3. On this page add your domain and click "Save"

It will take up to 30seconds for the domain to be added and once added your site will be accessible via your new domain